Is Your iPhone Properly Protected With a Case and Screen Protectors?

ByMark Harrop

The iPhone is one of the most advanced phones out there and buying one is a smart step. A step many people seem to forget is the need to buy an iPhone case. A study by a reputable company has shown that 1 in 3 iPhones will have been damaged beyond repair after two years of purchase. This to me seems a huge waste of time, effort and most of all your hard earned cash. The iPhone itself costs several hundred dollars after you have paid for your phone and contract. So it is well worth making sure it is protected. Here are two shore fire ways to keep your iPhone protected and greatly better its chances of being here in two years.

Buy an iPhone case

If you want your iPhone to last for two years get a good quality strong iPhone case. A good quality case will protect the antenna on your iPhone which is crucial to your iPhone getting signal from your wireless provider. Good quality cases will be slightly raised at the front so when you put your phone down it will rest on the edge of the case rather than the screen itself. There are three main types of iPhone cases. Firstly the hard back case which looks great and provides excellent protection against scratches and will cushion the fall should you drop your case. Bumper cases which are made from aluminium or silicone, these are best at protecting the phones antenna and do cushion the fall somewhat if you drop it. The third type of case is the leather flip. Leather flip cases are very comfortable to hold and cushion the fall very well if you drop your iPhone for any reason.

Buy a Screen Protector

This is crucial, many people overlook this and just buy and iPhone case. The screen for an iPhone cost over $200 to repair. Screen breakages account for a large percentage of the phones that are wrecked before two years. A good screen protector form a reputable brand will make a great deal of difference. It will also mean you won't end up with scratches on your screen which will make it easier to sell if you want to when you upgrade to the new iPhone.

Another way to make sure your iPhone sees its second birthday is to treat it with respect and be careful with it. Many people break their iPhones by being too rough with it, although it is very robust, it can break very easily so Be Sensible! has a range of iPhone cases buy a Strong iPhone case here. To be linked directly to our latest fashionable iPhone 5 cases click here.

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