Are You Going to Be Buying an iPhone 5 Soon? Why Buying an iPhone 5 Case Is a Smart Idea

ByMark Harrop

The iPhone 5 is set to launch this fall and is one of the most anticipated Phones of 2011. In this article I am going to try and stress to you just how necessary it is to buy a protective case.

Logically it is a good idea. If you look at the cost of the repairs for your iPhone, the figures can be sometimes shocking. A replacement screen can cost in the region of 200 dollars, Simple repairs like buttons being broken can cost 40 to 50 dollars. I am not trying to say that a protective case will completely protect your phone from damages, but the chances are probably 8/10 times it will.

Different types of cases are going to offer different levels of protection. Some cases will offer protection to your entire iPhone, others will just protect the antenna on the outside. Leather iPhone 5 cases will offer protection to the whole of your phone as they have a leather flap which will cover the screen. Although they are not as trendy as some iPhone cases they do offer the best all round protection.

Bumper cases are also very good as they offer superb protection to antenna and buttons. The only major downside to these types of cases is they don't protect the screen as well as a leather case.

Hard back iPhone 5 cases are the most stylish and come in the largest range of designs. They offer good protection to the sides and back of the iPhone like the bumper case but once again do not offer as much protection for the screen as a leather case.

Even though the leather cases will offer the greatest amount of protection they will not be suitable for everyone. All of the cases will offer good protection for your iPhone and it is well worth getting one. They all offer good protection from drops and smashes, which will help protect the intricate parts inside

You might ask, what's the return on investment? An iPhone 5 case can cost you as little as a few dollars from an online auction site, and save your iPhone from 200 dollars plus of damage. There's always the chance that your iPhone could break but, the chances are greatly in your favour if you have a good quality case.

A couple of tips when coming to buy iPhone 5 cases, don't be too hasty to buy, have a good look around, and look at a few customer reviews as they will give you an independent opinion

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