Bluetooth Handsets And Benefits Of Bluetooth Car Kits

ByKashif Wild

Bluetooth headsets have become one of the most essential phone accessories for cell phone users because of the number of benefits they offer. Bluetooth headsets are basically wireless devices and a hands-free solution especially if you have to use a phone while driving. Bluetooth usage is not limited to headsets alone; they can be used to connect to the web, stream music without the use of wires, transfer files, etc.

Features and Profiles of Bluetooth:

Bluetooth headsets are available in variety of designs such as the Bluetooth models with boom and without boom, and in various brands such as Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson Bluetooth headsets, etc. However, the basic features of all Bluetooth headsets are; answer or reject calls, voice dialing, call mute, last number redial, dual micro-phone noise cancellation, resistance to noise, etc. Advanced features like multipoint technology will allow you to connect maximum two different devices simultaneously, full voice command control, etc.

There are a number of Bluetooth profiles, of which the headset is the most common profile that supports for making and receiving calls. The other most frequently used Bluetooth profiles are:

• A2DP - Advanced Audio Distribution Profile
• AVRCP - Audio/Video Remote Control Profile
• DUN - Dial-up Networking Profile
• HFP- Hands Free Profile
• OBEX Protocol - Object Exchange Protocol
• SYNC - Synchronization Profile
• SAP - SIM Access Profile

Bluetooth Car Kits:

If you are required to use your phone constantly while driving, then the best option for you is a Bluetooth car kit. This is great device that ensures safe driving, while you answer or make calls. Bluetooth Car Kits offer a host of benefits and are also available in many forms. You can either buy the plug in form or a high tech form to conveniently extend your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone. Bluetooth car kits offer quite a number of hands free features, remote control buttons and excellent quality audio. Following are some of the benefits that a Bluetooth car kit offers:

• Up to 33 feet wireless range
• Music on your car stereo system with automatic muting option during an incoming call.
• Multiple connections
• LCD Screen for caller ID
• Built-in Phone Book
• Voice Recognition Dialer
• Single SIM card and single phone number for your car kit and cell phone connection
• Easy to install

So what are you waiting for? From genuine/generic spares that allow you to fix just about any issue with your phone to phone accessories that range from Bluetooth devices to little stickers that can spice up your boring old phone, the world of accessories spoil you with choice. Just remember to pick the one that is right for you.

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