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ByFiona Livnat

Otterbox revolutionized the making of mobile phone cases. No other company claims to provide guaranteed protection for priceless and valuable mobile phone. Otterbox offers cutting edge case designs for various brands like Apple, Nokia, HTC, Blackberry and Samsung. Among the products offered, Apple, HTC and Blackberry cases are extremely popular among customers.

The cases are made of durable, long-lasting and strong silicone base that provide complete protection for expensive mobiles. Apart from mobile cover cases, the company makes special waterproof cases that can handle the pressure of full submersion up to 100 feet. Otterbox offers a patented design that can carry not only mobiles but also, wallets, debit cards, car keys, camera films, batteries, fishing lures etc. The box is lightweight and crush-proof and hence easily floats on water.

Besides waterproof cases, Otterbox offers water-resistant, airtight and dust proof case with a magnetic base that attaches itself easily to any metal device. This case is perfect for taking along on hiking trails and adventurous activities. The magnet is designed in such a way that it does not spoil the metal device inside instead increases its life span.

In the age of Smartphone's that offer high-tech services but comes with a "touch me not tag", one has to be extra careful in protecting it. Otterbox is one company that offers not only unique and quality products but believes in complete customer satisfaction and leaves no stone unturned to extend its full support. This is highly evident from the feedback received from numerous Otterbox customers.

A company that works closely with their customers is more successful than the one who spends huge amounts on marketing their products but do not even care to respond back to a query or a compliant. There is "many a slip between the cup and the lip" means; every company faces some issues with their products. In case of Otterbox also, the designs they make are of standard size but any complaint from a customer about their product, the company endeavors to resolve it to best of their ability. There have been overwhelming feedbacks from customers about the help and prompt services they received from Otterbox.

The customer service department is committed to handling any discrepancy that arises from order not being processed online to modifying an order form for any missed details. Besides home blogs, Otterbox uses various sources to spread awareness and customer support. The company uses social networking site Facebook, Twitter, Business-networking site LinkedIn and provides product reviews and how to use videos through YouTube. Otterbox offers excellent, unique and exceptional products along with impeccable support service.

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