Review of Otterbox Impact, Reflex And Commuter Series of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S Case

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The iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S is a smart, sleek and high-tech cell phone. However, it is vulnerable to scratches and bumps. To protect this expensive yet delicate piece, a rugged, tough and non-slip grip case is required. This is just what iPhone case offer. Complete protection for your valued iPhone. It not only covers the body of the phone but also provides protection for the screen as well as the ports.

The Otterbox iPhone case are available in all four series, defender, impact, reflex and commuter series cases. The biggest issue of providing added protection for already big phones is that they get bulkier. However, Otterbox iPhone case are sleek as well as tough.

Impact Series

Impact series comes with basic features of inner core, self-adhesive screen guard and silicone skin. Otterbox iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S Impact series case are available in variety of different colors from black, blue, white and abstract design to suit individual needs. The defender series Otterbox cases and defender series Real tree Camo case weigh about 52 grams. It is available in 124.12 mm x 68.91 mm x 16.76 mm dimensions. The defender series provides an in-inbuilt screen guard that protects the screen from dust, dirt and scratches. The outer layer of the defender series cases is made from smooth base yet sturdy silicone material. The silicone material provides a non-slip grip.

Even the sync, charge and headphone access ports have been given silicone plug coating. It can be easily accessed through it. The inner layer of the case is made from high impact-resistant polycarbonate material. A unique addition to this case is a belt clip holster that can also be used as a media-viewing stand.

Reflex Series

Otterbox iPhone reflex series cases have bought a revolution in the mobile case industry. The case is made from double impact polycarbonate material combined with TPE rubber. A single layer of this shield is more than enough to provide total protection. In addition, unique reflex zones are fitted in the corners of the case. USP of this Otterbox iPhone case is that, if it experiences a hit it will tolerate the impact and recoil back to its original shape without damaging the device. In spite of so many features, it just weighs about 26 grams and is extremely thin.

Commuter Series

Apart from the above two series, Otterbox iPhone case is available in commuter series case and commuter strength case. Both the commuter series cases are available with silicone port coverage, silicone skin, outer polycarbonate shell and full access to buttons. Only difference is commuter strength case comes in trendy pink color polycarbonate material with contrast white silicone base. Otterbox iPhone cases are not only trendy and smart but provide superior protection along with usage of high quality material.

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