Great Options to Save Money on International Calling

ByThomas Galvin

In the era of globalization everything in the world seems to be so connected that at times we tend to forget that we are dealing with people outside our country. The size of the globe is shrinking day-by-day and apparently it seems as if there is no such thing that can be categorized as international.

In this fast-moving life it is only the high rates associated with international calling that reminds us of the significance of the word "international". Thus, in order to avoid the huge cost of international calls it is very essential to ponder upon the different ways of cheap calling.

Pre-paid Calling Cards

The best way to make international cheap calls is to use an international calling card. They are very suitable for cheap calling as they can be used through your landline phone as well as your mobile phone. When you purchase an international calling card you will receive a PIN number that will be accessible by you at any time. You can use this PIN number to make calls wherever you want to; however, there are different calling rates for different countries. Before you make any international call you must analyze how much would it cost you to make calls overseas.

These cards are available in both pre-paid form as well as post-paid form and you can easily purchase an international calling card online over a web portal that also allows you to compare the features and prices of various cards depending on the foreign destinations where you want to make calls.

International Calling Service Providers

Another option available for cheap international calling is to use the services provided by various phone service providers by getting information about them from the Internet. These companies offer various ways to make international cheap calls other than the calling cards. By using their services you can simply use your personal computer to make calls and talk to your loved ones for as long as you want to.


Skype is computer software that can be easily downloaded and only requires your e-mail address for registration. This is one option that enables to you to interact with people and talk to them over the Internet. One big advantage of using Skype to communicate is that it is absolutely free as long as the person you are talking to is also using Skype. Once your friends and families are registered on Skype you can enjoy talking to them absolutely free of cost.

However, you can also make calls on landlines or mobile numbers using Skype. This is used in the case of those people who do not have an account on Skype but this will definitely charge you a certain amount.

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