Apple iPhone 4 Case Program - Incase Snap Review

As all owners of the beautiful iPhone 4 will know apple has been shipping free cases to rectify the just as well known aerial issue. I have taken advantage of this scheme, mainly because it costs nothing and I want a case to protect my toy anyway.

Apple are giving customers a small selection of cases to choose from. These are chosen and ordered using the iPhone case app available from the app store. There really is an app for everything.

As you can imagine thousands of iPhone 4 owners are claiming their free case and so postage is not exactly immediate. I ordered my case on the 26th of July, it was posted on the 20th of August and I had the case on my doorstep on the 23rd.

My Choice
I decided on the Incase snap, a solid plastic case that covers the silver bands on the side and the entire back of the iPhone. I chose this because it protects the back of the device and still leaves the rear apple logo visible (I'm proud of my phone).

I am very happy with the case, it fits very snug and doesn't make the phone much bigger in the hand to hold. Unfortunately you can only just see the apple logo through the black smoked plastic material, previous cases I have owned have felt cheap and plastic but this almost has a rubber feel to it, this means that it is slightly sticky and does not slide around but instead grips the surface you place it on. Because the case covers the silver edge band it also creates a lip of roughly 2mm over the front of the screen so that you can place the phone on a flat surface without the screen touching anything. Included with the case is a small stand which holds the phone at two different angles making film watching on the go more enjoyable.

Wrap it up
Overall I think that apple have managed to redeem themselves by sending out free cases (but only just). I was a little unimpressed with the delivery times but I guess that it was to be expected. I am extremely pleased with the case and only hope the rubber outer feel does not rub away with time. The signal issues are very well known and this has definitely sorted the problem and I feel a little happier carrying my precious around in my pocket all day long.

Thomas Bale

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