The HTC Evo 3D Battery

ByMichael Poolier

There has been a tremendous amount of anticipation for HTC's release of the new and powerful Evo 3D phone. It began as a somewhat distant dream several years ago, and has now hit the market with full and impressive functionality.

The Evo 3D phone allows the user to capture both pictures and videos in high-definition 3D and then view them without traditional 3D glasses. Beyond this, the phone offers many new and innovative features such as a home screen with richer content, application options, faster internet browsing, and access to on-demand Hollywood movies.

The screen is a vivid 4.3 inch 3D touch screen. It has Bluetooth capability, and can also serve as a GPS navigation device. The body is slim, and the dual-core processor's lightning fast speed matches the phone's slick appearance.

So how does a phone with this many capabilities last more than 10 minutes?

lasted no longer than 30 minutes when it first reached the production stage. However, further development resulted in a more powerful and long-lasting battery suitable for a customer with any type of lifestyle.

Now, life is over 450 minutes for talk time and 355 hours for standby time, an inordinate amount of time for any mobile phone. Nevertheless, the phone's 3D capabilities do use a lot of battery power. If you not satisfied about life there are a few things you can do. One seemingly obvious change is to reduce the brightness of the screen. This setting is set by default but reducing it will drastically increase your battery life. Remedies also include minimizing background applications, removing vibration settings, using static wallpapers and removing unnecessary notifications. You can also purchase a HTC Evo 3D extended battery. These 3D phone batteries can more than double the interval between charges.

The extended battery consists of a high quality black textured back plate and is chargeable within the phone. Its effect on the overall battery life is outstanding, adding up to 100 percent extra battery life than the stock battery. In other words, with the Extended Life HTC Evo 3D battery, the 3D phone could have a total battery life of 900 minutes of talk time, and an astounding 710 hours of standby time.

quality is unrivaled on the smartphone market, and gives HTC its position as one of the premier suppliers of smartphone technology.

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