The Apple Family of Communication and Computing Devices

ByJessica Lane

Apple has long been a leader in the development of mobile phones and tablet computers and the software used to manage these portable communication devices. The creation of the iPhone, iPad and even the iPod helped to revolutionize the way that consumers access data and interface with the online community. These portable devices and cell phones have made it possible to achieve more in less time from any location with a cell phone signal or wireless Internet connection.

The Musical Difference

The iPod and its companion vendor application, iTunes, ensured Apple's dominant position in the online downloadable music marketplace. The ease of purchasing music through the iTunes interface and the proprietary software that ensured that music played readily on all iPod devices played a significant role in Apple's rise to the top of the downloadable music charts. Because iPods are designed to be compatible with the other products in the Apple lineup, they can serve as useful transfer devices for consumers who want to move music and other media between iPad, iPhone and iPod more easily.

Touchscreen Convenience

With its sensitive yet durable touchscreen and wide range of applications optimized specifically for the computing device, the iPad has had a tremendous impact on the portable tablet computing marketplace since its initial release in April 2010. In fact, over 15 million iPads were sold in the first year of its existence, and it is believed that this pace only slowed due to the release of the iPad 2 in March of 2011.

The iPad is designed to be largely compatible with other Apple devices including the iPod and the iPhone, making it even more useful to consumers who may want to transfer data between these devices.

Mobile Communications

The Apple iPhone was one of the most eagerly awaited new releases for 2007, and it has mostly lived up to its hype, providing a wide array of exclusive applications that are designed to help consumers work and play more effectively and conveniently. Now in its fifth release, the iPhone continues to be one of the major contenders in the mobile phone and communication device marketplace.


A number of exclusive accessories are available to protect and complement the Apple lineup of devices and phones. For instance, iPad 2 cases are designed to shield the delicate touchscreen against accidental damage. Smart phone batteries are also available; consumers should ensure that they purchase the right battery for their specific device, as an iPhone external battery is usually not compatible with comparable Android or other cell phones.

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