Tips On When You Should Purchase An iPhone

ByCody Sellers

Expert Author Cody Sellers

I often times have people ask me when they should purchase their first iPhone. You are acquainted with these men and women; they tend to be the ones that are still using their old Nokia mobile phone, actively playing the game, "Snake" (I really like that video game.) Those are the people who declare that they are going to obtain the upcoming iPhone that comes out, and at the time of this writing, the iPhone 4s is soon to be released, and they still haven't purchased. There are many reasons why people don't purchase an iPhone: the cost of the phone, the cost of the monthly service plan, or maybe their carrier doesn't offer the iPhone. Instead of focusing on the reasons why maybe you haven't purchased the iPhone yet, I am going to offer some advice as to when I think it may be the opportune time for you to bite the bullet, and purchase your first iPhone.

One of the first reasons I can imagine that would be a hint as to when you should purchase your first iPhone is with a new occupation, job promotion, or other business/professional related activity. My iPhone is so useful in my day-to-day work routine. Before I had my iPhone, there we're so many areas where I was unproductive; my iPhone has since improved my productivity. Using my iPhone for work can be something as simple as checking my email and being able to reply quickly, or an advanced feature like remotely accessing a client's computer to remove a virus.

Another great time to purchase an iPhone would be when moving to a new place that you are brand new to. There are so many iPhone apps that you can use to help you become familiar with uncharted territory. You can use your iPhone to learn about the best restaurants in your new city, the best hangout spots, or where a church may be, which you are interested in visiting.

While you have young kids is a great time to have to buy the iPhone. There are several apps that can help you with bringing up your children, as silly as that may sound. Let me explain why the iPhone can assist you in raising your kids. There are apps that will help you track the growth of your child, as well as doctor's visits, and other important information that you may need to know about when raising your young child. You can also use your iPhone to video chat to family, or friends wherever they are in the world, and this is ideal for when the grandparents want to see how fast your child is growing up.

The final reason I am going to share is the most obvious. You should purchase an iPhone...when you are ready to step into the 21st century! It is common understanding that mobile technology is growing by leaps and bounds every month, and you don't want to be left behind.

There are so many uses for having an iPhone, that I can't list them all in one article. Therefore, I suggest you continue your research on using the iPhone as there are many great resources available.

And finally, if you want to learn how to use an iPhone better, visit my dedicated website on this topic at

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