A Look At iOS5 On The iPhone 4S And Its Main Rivals

ByMatthew Bruen

You would never buy a car on looks alone so why should you do the same with your mobile phone. With a wealth of operating systems available it is worth exploring what options are available to you. The handset that undoubtedly gains the most media coverage is the iPhone 4S complete with its brand new iOS5 operating system. Here we take a brief look at the platform along with its mains competitors.

The iOS used by iPhones has always offered the most user friendly interface but has often found itself trailing behind its competitors in terms of features. The new iOS5 software changes this by offering the same interface that we know and love but spices it up by adding a wealth of new features. On previous iPhones notifications were received via an alert or by a small dot appearing besides the application that it related to. This old fashioned system has been overhauled with a brand new notifications centre that can be accessed from any homescreen. Here all of your notifications from a variety of programs are displayed in one easyily manageable location. The platform also offers wireless back up in the form of iCloud but the one negative aspect is its lack of support for Adobe Flash files.

The biggest rival to the iOS5 found on models such as the iPhone 4S is Google Android. Android has come along way since its debut on the HTC Dream in 2008 and now the Android marketplace offers one of the most competent download resources available with thousands of applications for all manner of activities. Android tends to offer the best mobile web browsing thanks to its support of Adobe Flash as well as allowing third party browsers to be used. Being a Google platform Android seamlessly integrates with many of Google's own services such as GMail and Chrome but there is plenty of support for third party software as well. The area that lets Android down is that there is not one unified operating system. At present tablets run on the 3.0 Honeycomb system and mobiles run on a variety of versions with the latest being 2.3 Gingerbread. This is set to change with the introduction of the new Ice Cream Sandwich platform that will unite all devices.

In 2010 the Windows 7 mobile platform was launched and despite being a relative newcomer sales have been very encouraging to date. The interface found on Windows phones is arguably the most attractive with the large on screen tiles presenting a wealth of information, much of which comes via an online connection. Being a Microsoft system the platform offers great links to programmes such as Outlook as well as the hugely popular Xbox Live platform but like the iOS it suffers from a lack of Flash support although the web browser does support full HTML5 encoding. The latest model to use this platform is the superb HTC Titan.

Before rounding of this overview we must take a look at the Blackberry OS that has proven such a hit worldwide. This platform was originally targeted at business user thanks to its superb messaging facilities but it has now struck a chord with a younger generation looking to keep in touch with their friends. As acknowledgement to this fact the new version 7.0 of the platform offers improved social networking facilities as well as a much improved browser that offers a great web browsing experience.

These are perhaps the four main players when it comes to mobile operating systems. The iOS5 currently leads the pack and the release of the iPhone 4S will further strengthen its position but keep your eyes peeled for the new versions of Android and Windows which are coming very soon.

The iPhone 4S and the HTC Titan are available now.

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