Cell Phones Deals

What are the best deals on the mobile market? 

Forget the hype and politics. What do you think today the best mobile phone deals in the market . exclusively on features, performance and cost-effective basis?

First, I don 't. think this is a problem that may be easily answered if it depends on you and what their profile is similar. For example, a business client or a consumer? The needs and desires of the two are very different. E-mail is much more important for businesses, while the music video and the rule of the day by the consumer.

More . let's. not forget the service / network coverage. Most phones may lose a lot of key features and coverage is weak or absent.
Cell Phones Deals

That is . Here 's. some phones has proposed to start your own "search did ".

- Apple iPhone (which does what it says on the tin, says nothing more, nothing less), but Apple has revolutionized the mobile phone industry as the industry shook their DAP iPod years. A new reference is established with the device for you. 

- Palm Treo 750 (very handy, it is a mobile office)

- Blackberry 8800 (for fans of BB s ", the 8800 life much easier with GPS, Wi-Fi and trackball) makes . It is s 'large. for email, web, and GPS application nevigator . making it the biggest drawback is that Cingular disables Wi-Fi, for the hardware you need to use their EDGE network built features It 's. must be used worldwide -. No camera but that '. s more, and often the places where a camera is not allowed.

- Samsung BlackJack / i600 (Strengths in a slim package)

- Sony Ericsson P1 (significant improvement above the P-series phones before with a lot for your money)

- Nokia E61i (much to the elegant form factor, even if the phone is not too sweet) . Impeccable functionality, stable operating system, hardware support is ideal for office applications (pdf, leaf table, word processing files), video / audio wireless / bluetooth / IR / connectivity, memory slot of the extension, modification of the OTA - all in a small package at a fair price.