Applications For The iPhone 4S That Help With Understanding New Languages

ByMatthew Bruen

With the summer quickly approaching quickly many people are preparing for their annual holiday abroad. This encourages many people to attempt to learn a new language to help them when they are on their travels. At one time this would have meant hours of studying or enrolling in a special class but thanks to excellent mobile phones like the iPhone 4S you can pick up the basics quickly and easily. We look at the best apps available that help you to learn a new language.

There are several different kinds of application available for the iPhone 4S that all provide a different method of learning. Some applications make use of flash cards while others are simply a phrasebook or a dictionary. It is difficult to say what one works best because that really does depend on the student but we found the flash card variety most effective. AccelaStudy is a superb application that combines the use of flash cards with audio. This is particularly useful as rather than reading the word for yourself you can also learn the correct pronunciation. AccelaStudy also manages to hold your attention by making learning fun with the excellent use of quizzes. These really do give you a good idea about how far you have progressed. There is a free version of this application available from the App Store but we recommend purchasing the premium version as it contains many more phrases and words that you may find useful.

If you are already on your holidays and do not have time to attempt to learn a new language then applications like the Talking Spanish Phrasebook are really superb. The app we looked at is for learning Spanish but there are numerous other versions available for other languages. Rather than trying to teach you a language this app lets you turn your iPhone 4S into an interactive phrasebook. Thousands of different phrases can be used and they are easily categorised to help users find them. The fact that the iPhone actually speaks the phrase that you require is very useful if you do not have the confidence to attempt to speak the language. Another excellent application is the excellent Spanish Audio Flashcards which provides a simple platform to help you learn this language. The software is being launched for other languages but at this moment in time it is only available in Spanish. This excellent app covers a range of vocabulary from basic greetings to full sentences and contains over 3800 different phrases.

There are some excellent applications available for the iPhone 4S to help users when they are travelling. Some applications such as Talking Spanish Phrasebook are great reference guides when you are on your travels while other apps such as AccelaStudy attempt to actually teach you the basics of a new language.

The iPhone 4S is available now and the iPhone 5 is coming soon.

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