Otterbox Offers Inventive and Ground-Breaking Case Designs for Mobiles

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Otterbox is a company that makes innovative protective mobile cases. Otterbox believes in dedication, hard work, practical solutions and innovation and this is evident in the products they sell and customer service they offer. Otterbox is a company, which started not very long time back and soared to success in just a few years. Their remarkable achievement is a result of genuineness, persistence and commitment of the founder and staff. Keeping up with technological advancements, Otterbox came up with innovative and durable mobile cases, quality and functionality of which is insurmountable.

The company believes in creativity and quality and uses superior materials for its products. Most of us use high-tech mobiles like iPhone, Blackberry and HTC. Although they are high-tech, the glass and plastic material used in the phone is vulnerable to breakage even with a slight nudge against something solid. Moreover, in today's hectic and busy lives most of us are always running against time and do not really care for the phones unless it suffers a breakdown. Hence, products at Otterbox are made considering every possible aspect or situation that could damage a device.

The company provides a range of cases for various mobile company brands like iPhone, Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, Motorola, LG and Dell. Besides mobile cases, it offers functional cases for palmtops, tablets, iPads and iPods.

Otterbox has four different designs of cases. They are divided into different series as per their make and features it offers.

Impact series: Impact series is the most basic yet functional, sturdy design. It is made of compressed molded silicone that protects against knock or bash. The exterior is textured to give it a non-slip grip.

Defender series: Defender series offers a full body case. To protect the phone from scratches, dust, dirt and dings, defender series includes a clear membrane screen protection. The corners are cushioned with a polycarbonate shell that provides a snug fit. The rest of the phone is covered with silicon to provide sturdiness and non-slip grip.

Commuter series: Commuter series is made from tough impact absorbing silicone material that covers the back and sides. Though the material is tough, the case comes in a thin smooth design. Commuter series does not have an inbuilt screen protector but an external self-adhesive screen protector is provided.

Reflex series: Reflex series takes mobile protection to another level. A unique and revolutionary technology creates an air cushion the moment it is experiences a jerk or hit. Once the case experiences a hit, it endures and springs back to normal shape. Even though the case looks sleek, it is made with tough and flexible material.

Otterbox cases have an exceptional design that promises protection and functionality. With various styles and designs, it is a must have accessory for your phone.

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