The Best Photography With The Kungl iPhone Case

ByJessica Siny

Finding iPhone accessories that do more than one function is always a good find, and we think that the Kungl iPhone tripod mount case has been remarkably designed. We have not seen one as good as this to date, we are only judging this solely on the pictures, information and videos provided.

The Kungl is essentially a hard-plastic bumper case with a 1/4-inch tripod mount embedded in the right edge. That edge is perhaps 10 millimeters wider than the rest of the bumper, so slight a difference that you scarcely notice it.

Indeed, the Kungl is the only tripod-mount solution I've seen yet that can double as a full-time iPhone case. It's very sturdy, made of injection-molded polycarbonate, but also extremely light.

What we really like about this iPhone case, is simply down to the build quality and extra functions it provides, for example it gives a secure snap hold for your Apple iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, it works with all standard equipment such as tripods and stands etc, it is pocket friendly and customizable skins are not needed.

We all know that by skins or cases with customized photos cost a few pennies, well with this Kungl case once the iPhone is secured it does not touch the glass on the back at all, this means you can print out a glossy photograph, which can then slide into the back of the case giving you your personalized case.

The iPhone 4S has a brilliant camera with LED flash, and we know that taking photos or video are of top quality, but we can never get away from the bog standard shakes whilst holding, this is where the Kungl iPhone case comes into play. It can be attached to standard tripod mounts thanks to the brass screw fitting on the bottom giving you the perfect stability for the best photography.

Described as "the worlds most stable and secure touchless iPhone tripod mount and case", the Kungl priced at a reasonable $19.99 USD. For only

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