What Are the Latest in Element Case Designs?

ByLinda Claude

Many people are very reluctant to purchase an element case. It can be a relatively inexpensive investment if you look at it one way. They will only cost you around 20 dollars. That really is not a lot of money to lay out to protect an iPhone that cost you between 200 and 300 dollars. Just one fall from your pocket without the protection the element case provides and you may be whining because you did not pay about 40 or 50 dollars to protect it! It is worth spending a little bit for the amount of protection it provides.

The iPhone 4 has two new designs for their element case. They are high quality, as the name is reputable and speaks of high quality. You know the old saying, "you get what you pay for," is really true.

The two new products are the Ion 4 and the Formula 4. These are made out of very good materials that are able to withstand high impact situations. Carbon fiber is used to make the backings and this means that it is able to absorb a lot of shock very well. There are only a couple of differences in these two designs. The Ion element case is made out of a very flexible material and the Formula one is not. The Formula 4 separates into 2 pieces so that it can be placed on the iphone 4. There is about a 10 dollar difference between these two items. The Ion phone cover is more like the traditional ones and stretches out to cover the phone. They really both offer very good protection for these expensive smart phones. Informal tests reveal that when the Formula 4 (the harder case) is even struck with a hammer, it does not crack, scratch of show any type of blemish whatsoever.

Each element case is equipped with grippers so that it will prevent slippage when you are holding the phone in your hand. Both are very lightweight. Since they are not made out of medal they pose no problem to any of the signals being sent through the various applications such as the GPS.

The Ion 4 and Formula 4 are both very good products. The one you purchase to protect your phone will really depend more on which texture you prefer to use and which feels better to you. The Ion element case reviews consistently support that it is a little bit more shock resistant. These two are only available in stylish black presently, but they will fit both AT&T or Verizon's iPhone 4.

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