Tips for Finding the Best Protective Case For Your Apple iPhone

It is back to school again and naturally, you will be taking your mobile phone with you. It is very important that you keep your cell in good working condition and looking nice. The secret to that end is a good custom phone case and/or skin.

Obviously, the first practical reason to use cell phone protectors is to protect the device from every day abuse. Your digital devices are a very important link to your social life and entire social network. Therefore, it is imperative that you keep your cell in good working condition, looking good and readily available.

The best way to protect your cell is to use a combination of custom phone skins and a carrying case.

A belt mounted carrying case (pouch or holster) adds protection against minor abuse and makes the unit readily available for use. Carrying cases are made of thick materials (some are padded) that greatly reduce the chance of damage. Pouches protect against the elements and are more secure than holsters that offer faster access to the cell.

Custom phone skins protect the device from accidental scratches in and outside the carrying case. There will be times when you do not want to wear a pouch or holster on your belt. The alternative is to place the phone in your purse or pocket where it is vulnerable to scratches.

Another solution is a mobile phone case. Cases come in several styles, the most popular include custom hard case shells and a silicone (or other similar material) based soft shell. Both types add additional protection but lack the ability to attach the cell to a belt. Many hard cases are thin enough that the device can easily slip into a phone pouch, while the bulk of a soft case prohibits the use of a pouch.

A custom phone case is an excellent choice for anyone who does not like to wear a carrying case on his/her belt, but prefers to place the phone in a pocket or purse.

A screen protector is a necessity!

After a short while, screens on all digital devices become scratched. A scratch resistant screen protector is necessary no matter which phone protector you choose (or not to use one). A scratched screen gets dull, looses detail in the graphics, and images get fuzzy. Avoid scratches by using a scratch resistant screen protector from day of purchase. This is especially important with exposed touch screen devices.

Stand out from the crowd and protect you expensive cell phone with Custom Phone Cases. I am Mike Edwards author of and I will explain all the options available today to protect your cell phone.

Whether you decide to purchase a personalized hard case for your cell phone, or go with the Custom Phone Skins and carrying case combination, you can be assured you phone is well protected and will be noticed by your friends.

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