Smartphone Users That Can Benefit From External Batteries

ByJessica Lane

In a time when smartphone users rely so heavily on technology, having all of the proper tools and accessories becomes one of the most important parts of the package. It doesn't just come down to having the coolest phone case or carrier, but it also falls along the lines of having iPhone external batteries to keep the lifetime of a device at its highest.

Here are three types of people that can benefit from purchasing an external iPhone battery.

• Heavy Map Users

One of the most popular programs on the iPhone is the built-in map capability that uses GPS technology to track where the phone is in relation to its locale or required destination. Maps are required when the user is in an unfamiliar neighborhood; when he or she is searching for a specific destination and needs to know the mileage in between; or when the user needs to bookmark a specific area that they'll need to check into at a later time.

Naturally, this GPS technology requires a lot of power from the smartphone. External smartphone batteries become almost a necessity if owners are heavy map users. Users traveling by car can always use a plug-in phone charger; however, external batteries become incredibly useful when users plan on having their iPhone turned on for a long period of time.

• International Travelers

For those who travel internationally, finding the right power adaptors for smartphones can become worrisome. Instead of scouring neighboring technology stores for the right outlet adaptors, some users opt for an external battery for their smartphones that can easily be purchased from online stores, such as New Trent. For travelers, they are incredibly useful, since they provide about 300 percent more battery life than standard batteries.

• Charger Forgetters

External batteries give people the peace of mind that even if they forget their wall or car charger, there will be enough of a battery life to get them through whatever situation they may be in. Typically, iPhone users will bring their wall chargers with them, especially when they're traveling so that they can plug in their device when they have the opportunity. However, often, chargers are lost or forgotten in the busy rush of everyday life. External batteries make for an easy and affordable way to never have to worry about having a full charge at all times.

Considering most people rely on their smartphones for work and personal usage all throughout the day, a majority of users can greatly benefit from reliable external batteries.

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