Otterbox Defender Case Review for BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900/9930

Anyone who has had a mobile device, whether it be a BlackBerry or not, understands the need for a protective case. It's probably the first accessory you'll buy, and the most important. You may start with a simple Google search for the "best BlackBerry case". More likely than not, your search will result in the name "Otterbox" being splashed all over your screen since it is one of the most popular and effective case solutions in the market today. There is a reason for this.

Otterbox takes their job very seriously. Protective cases are all they do and much research and detail goes into their case designs. Otterbox manufactures several different case designs, all having their own style and protective qualities. The Defender Series marks the top-of-the-line and will bring the most thorough and effective protection to your Bold 9900 Series with its multi-layer design and heavy-duty belt clip/holster combo.

The Defender for the Bold 9900/9930 features a three-layer protective system that protects virtually every part of your device. It starts with a hard, inner skeleton that is custom-designed to go over your Bold 9900/9930 in two-pieces (from front to back). This layer provides the rigidity of the case and includes cutouts for access to all of the 9900's exterior functions. But there's more.

Next comes the soft, silicone layer that fits precisely over top of the hard shell. This layer brings a comfortable feel to the Defender and improves grip to keep your Bold Touch where it belongs - in your hand. The silicone layer features Otterbox"s patented push-through technology that allows access to the Bold's buttons while keeping them protected at all times.

The push-through points line up with the openings in the hard layer underneath so you can activate your buttons with a simple touch. Pull-out flaps are also present to keep the ports protected from grime when not in use. A hard, transparent cover protects the camera lens and the speaker is fully accessible via a recessed cutout.

The final layer of the Defender is represented by Otterbox's high-quality screen film that covers the most precious part of your 9900 Series, the touch screen. The film goes on the display using a static-adhesive method. This translates to easy installation on the display without any sticky residue. This durable film keeps glare to a minimum on Bold's touch screen, protects it from unsightly scratches, and maintains the full functionality of the touch controls.

And then there's the included belt clip/holster combo that is designed to house the Bold 9900/9930 with the face in. This design keeps the most vulnerable section of your Bold protected while in transit on the hip. The belt clip rotates all the way around allowing for adjustable carrying angles. The belt clip/holster is constructed of heavy-duty, polycarbonate material and styled to match the black finish of the Defender case it houses. You could probably consider the included holster as a fourth layer of protection, even though Otterbox doesn't market the Defender that way.

Now one would assume that a heavy-duty, multi-layer case such as the Defender would add some bulk to your Bold 9900 Series. They'd be right. Although Otterbox has taken great measures to keep the Defender's bulk to a minimum (and they have done a good job), the trade-off for the high level of protection the Defender offers is a bit of added weight and thickness to the slim profile of the Bold Touch. It's certainly not a deal breaker, IMHO, but be aware of this fact. Keep in mind that the Defender is meant for Bold 9900 Series users who are looking for absolute protection.

You've spent a bit of money on your new BlackBerry Bold Touch and all of its splendor. Take the proactive approach and spend the premium price for a case that will keep your device as pristine as the day you took it out of the little black box. The Otterbox Defender will accomplish this task and will probably be the last case you'll buy for your Bold 9900/9930. Long live your BlackBerry!

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