Creating iPhone Apps - Easier Than You Think

ByMaurice Williams

When you think of an app developer, you might picture some geek, or even a team of geeks writing thousands of lines of code. Then testing, tweaking, debugging, and doing whatever else it takes to make the app work. Although this may be true now, the face of the app developer is definitely changing.

Ever hear of Angry Birds? I'm sure you have. It was created by a team of developers, probably doing a lot of the things I mentioned earlier. However, one 14 yr old decided to create an app on his own. It's called Bubble Ball, and it recently topped Angry Birds for the number one free app in the app store.

Experienced programmers still develop the more complex apps, the majority of which are directly related to businesses and major corporations. While the average joe developer will have most likely created the simple app that's downloaded for fun and or everyday use.

So how easy is it to create iPhone apps? Due to the demand and popularity of apps themselves, multiple opportunities have become available for anyone wanting to learn how to create their own iPhone app. Some options include the following:

Colleges and Universities - Not only are colleges offering individual classes on mobile app development, some offer actual full 2yr and 4yr degrees in iPhone and Android app development.

Online Courses - Again, here you'll find courses from colleges and universities along with businesses (Apple), and groups or individual developers.

Software - Physical and or downloadable products where the software will usually have a graphical user interface to walk the user through the process of creating an app. Programming may or may not be involved.

Books/Ebooks - Most likely written by former and or current app developers in a "how to" style. May need additional software in relation with the book.

The barrier for entry into app development has lowered making it easy for the average person to get involved in creating apps. There may be other options available than the ones listed above.

I do recommend that anyone wanting to create their own iPhone apps thoroughly research each option and try to pick what's best for his or her learning style. Again, with the demand and popularity of apps continuing to rise now is the time for new developers to jump on board, be it as a hobby or as a career choice.

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