Case Mate Gelli Case/Skin for iPad 2 Review

The Case Mate Gelli series has constantly proved itself to be one of the best skins on the market for the iDevices so will the iPad 2 version also be a winner?

Every Gelli I have reviewed uses the same soft but very gripping high quality plastic and of course so does this. The grip lends a huge hand to making your iPad 2 stay comfortably and firmly in your hands. Coming in red, grey and pink is a bit of a shame, the Gelli series usually has many more vibrant colors to choose from but hopefully this will change with time. The color options aren't the end to it's exterior design. With each new Gelli a new Geometric design is permitted. The red comes with a zig zag futuristic design and the other two colors look kind of like fancy tire tracks. The designs on all three Gelli's look awesome especially as the plastic is semi transparent so the back of your iPad is visible. All this helps you to stand out amongst the crowd!

To get your iPad into the case is relatively easy, it takes me less than 10 seconds and all corners apply very quickly. The interior of where the iPad 2 sits uses more of a soft touch rubber so your iPad doesn't scratch. It attracts bits of dirt ect so give it a wipe every time you take your iPad in out and out to avoid any possible damage. The Gelli barley covers the bezel at all which is a huge plus in my eyes but it's still a tight fit and won't fall off.

The volume rockers, mute switch and sleep/wake button are covered by the Gelli and instead you use the cases inbuilt artificial buttons sitting on top. They feel very satisfying to push and work just fine. A cut out for the camera is around the back along with the speaker and the 30 pin dock connector is also cut out. The 30 pin dock connector will take the Apple charging cabel just fine when in the Gelli but things like the Camera Connection Kit are disadvantaged and will require you to slip the bottom of the case off the iPad to insert them. The functionality is sound, actually the sound coming from your speaker isn't held back by anything covering it which we have found quite rare in the skin range for the iPad 2 so far.

Protection is mild. Small drops, bumps and scratches will be fended off by the Case Mate Gelli. Big drops and smacks won't be so easy for it to handle. The screen is completely open also which should be considered, I think the Smart Cover could have been considered when designing this case so we could us that as well but it's a no go. The Gelli for me is a case which I will take around the house and into the garden. When traveling you can't really consider taking this as your primary case.

Overall the Case Mate Gelli for the iPad 2 is still a winner. Very thin, light and flexible making your iPad still look like it was intended to and making it easy to apply. The design is awesome although more colors would be warmly welcome. Using your iPad 2 within is nice and feels great to hold especially with the grip. Buttons are all functional and the bezel is hardly covered!

If you live in the EU and want to purchase the case take a look at the Case Mate EU website to see the stock lists.

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