Bluetooth and the Modern World

Remember the time when the only way to wirelessly connect two devices was through infrared? It was so inconvenient and very cumbersome. You had to align the devices to make sure the infrared ports are facing each other. Try to move the devices and your break the bond and your data transfer is finished. Those were the days. Good thing Bluetooth came and saved the day.

Bluetooth is rather a new technology that replaced infrared as a means of "communication" between devices securely. Nowadays, a lot of devices use the Bluetooth technology to offer wireless operations. You can see them in wireless headsets, wireless receivers and even wireless keyboards in computers. This kind of technology was a big leap from its predecessors. Basically, the follow the same idea - transfer of information between specific devices. The advantage of Bluetooth is that it doesn't require the devices to be in visual contact with each other as long as they are within each other's coverage in an area that permits data to travel on a wireless path.

Another big advantage of Bluetooth over its predecessors is its security. In order for two devices to connect to each other through Bluetooth, they should first recognize each other first by means of a generated link key that is unique for a specific connection. With this shared unique key, security is maintained while data is being transferred. This also makes it possible to delete a specific key so that any future connections with the other device will be stopped. When connecting devices, make sure that the devices already recognize each other so that external interference is minimized and you will also be in control of the data that enters the receiving device.

Bluetooth was first introduced in the mobile phone industry. The initial release of hands free headsets with Bluetooth capabilities was met with such enthusiasm and it became an instant fad. Since then it became a stalwart in the mobile phone industry giving users the ability to transfer various data formats like videos, music, text and pictures.

As the technology grew, its applications doubled and even tripled in the following years. After mobile phones, computers were next. With proper Bluetooth capabilities, wireless keyboards were now added to computers, printers, mouse and even cameras. Also, this capability brought advances to other fields like in console gaming among many others. If by any chance you PC don't have a built-in Bluetooth controller, you can just add a Bluetooth adapter and you will be enjoying the beauty of wireless freedom.

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