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ByVince Murphy

Remember the days when you would travel around without immediate access to a phone. It didn't seem to bother you, although an inconvenience it wasn't like your life depended on it.

True, it could save a life in an emergency I know.

Point is though, most of the time, we never really missed not having them. You just had to find a phone somewhere. There were always public phones about, either on the street, in bars or in communal places like a train station.

Now it seems we are not complete without one. If you leave for work and discover you've forgotten your phone, would you go back for it? Many I know will, even if it makes them late.

How did we cope before?

For some, they need the phone on hand all the time. Driving the car, on the bus, in the gym, never to be parted. The phone and all its facets offers us a portal into the world from wherever we happen to be located at any time of day. It's not just phone calls you make any more on your phone.

You can surf the web, chat on twitter, check your facebook page, take photos and send them anywhere in the world instantly Wow!. I know it's very cool, that's why more and more people are falling in love with their mobile friend.

The mobile revolution has created so many spin-offs. When texting first hit the scene, I for one thought it was a fad just used by kids to look cool. Slowly but surely I got drawn into the MMS world of text talk. Before I knew it I was using it all the time. Why? Because it's so useful. Smartphones have certainly helped as keyboards got easier to use especially if you've got big fingers!

As we're so used to this information on hand, we're loathe to be parted from it. Some of the best times to catch up is when you're travelling. In the car you can use a hands free kit, but they are restricted to the car. If you're commuting for instance you need a hands free solution that allows you to hold a conversation in any environment.

Bluetooth headsets are an ideal solution but there are so many to choose from, it's difficult to decide which one to get. One of the key factors on making your choice is down to sound quality. You want to be confident the other person is hearing what you have to say and clearly. In addition you've got to be able to hear them also. We can all have one-sided conversations without the need for a mobile phone and Bluetooth headset!

Simply because of their reputation I was drawn to the Bose Bluetooth headset. It has a number of features that have been designed to enhance the users listening capabilities and ensure the other caller can hear clearly what you are saying.

It doesn't require an ear clip either which can be a hindrance when you are wearing glasses. The ear tip comes in three sizes and is designed to fit comfortably by utilising the contours of your right ear.

The smart world of mobile communications continues to grow. Next will be the extended use of NFC to enable making payments with just your mobile phone. Soon we'll only need our mobile when we leave the house to cater for most of our needs. Looks like I may well be late for work if I forget mine in the future!

There is an extended Bose Bluetooth headset review available via the link below.

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