America's Love Affair With Autos and Cell Phones

ByBJ Valla

The American public has long had a love affair with the automobile. More recently they have also developed a love affair with the mobile phone and the smartphone.

The first mobile phones were bulky and were designed strictly as a mobile telephone. Today's cell phones or smart phones have the capabilities of many computers in addition to the ability to make and receive phone calls.

Today's smartphones allow you to surf the internet, listen to music, view movies, keep track of contacts and your calendar, play games, read books, take pictures, make videos and much, much more. They can be managed by voice commands or using a built-in keyboard. Many people, particularly those under 35 use their phone for sending and receiving vast quantities of text messages or "texting". This is a matter of typing a brief message using numerous abbreviations and sending it to friends. Entire conversations are carried on this way very quietly. This requires using at least one hand and looking at the screen to both read the messages received and sending replies.Of course cell phones are also used for making and receiving phone calls.

Much like drinking and driving, manipulating your cell phone and driving are a dangerous combination. Again like drinking and driving, manually using a cell phone and driving causes many accidents and has been outlawed in many areas. This has broadened the market for phone accessories, such as vehicle mounts and Bluetooth headsets or earphones and speakers.

A good well positioned vehicle mount coupled with a Bluetooth headset allows you to drive and talk on the phone or use the built-in GPS or other phone features at the same time without the necessity of taking your hands off of the steering wheel. Most of the better cell phones include the option of having the phone audibly announce the name or phone number of the person calling, or texting to give you the option of answering now or leaving it for later.

There is a vast selection of vehicle mounts and headsets available, with an equally vast difference in prices. When selecting a vehicle mount it is necessary to make sure the mount you select is compatible with the design of both your car and your cell phone. The mount should hold your cell phone securely, yet be easy to insert and remove the phone.

Some mounts include the ability to use a cell phone charger that plugs into the cigarette lighter in the vehicle to charge the phone at the same time. Compatibility and your budget are normally the determining factors in selecting a vehicle mount.

There are even more choices when it comes to headsets. With headsets the items to keep in mind are the length of time it will hold a charge, the clarity of sound and most importantly the comfort of the device. Since headsets are often used as the normal way of using the telephone features of a cell phone and are not just for in the vehicle, many people wear them for extended periods of time. Some headsets may feel just fine, but if you put on glasses or sunglasses they can become very uncomfortable quickly.

Remember: Don't drink and drive ever; and don't use your cell phone and drive without the appropriate accessories.

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