Why Are QR Codes So Popular?

ByLeapharris David

They may look like bland and insipid images but quick response codes are fast emerging as the way to store and transfer information. While the increasing popularity of the two dimensional QR codes over single dimensional barcodes would stem basically from the amount of information that the former can contain, this is only the tip of the iceberg. There are several reasons as to why these codes have become so popular that they are widely used by the world today.

The need for multidimensional codes was felt to overcome the limitation that was posed by barcodes that could only store up to 20 numerical digits. With such a restricted storage capacity, barcodes contained the bare minimal details of a product and could only be used to digitally track products and commodities. Even with this limited functionality, barcodes themselves are hugely popular. So what would be the impact if it was possible to store detailed information through thousands of alphanumeric characters in such codes?

While it is true that the information storage capacity is a predominant factor in the popularity of these 2D codes, there are some other factors contributing to its success like the ease in creating these codes, the wide reach of this tool, the ease in deciphering them and the multiple uses to which they can be put.

Many free QR code generators are available today that allow you to create a Quick Response code for whatever you want to. You can use these codes to market, advertise and promote your business, make a wide range of digital information available to people such as video files, images or printed content, use them in airline tickets, event tickets, use them in place of user manuals, etc - the list is sort of endless. One of the most common needs that these codes execute is the ability to make your business websites mobile aware.

Of course, while creating Quick Response codes may be easy and free, they would serve no purpose unless the target destination is able to decipher the codes. The whole exercise is a waste if the people are not equipped with QR code readers and scanners to interpret the information.

Though it may not seem logical for the common man to purchase a scanner simply to read these codes, the wide popularity and extensive use of smart phones have made such scanners accessible to the common man, enabling him to interpret these codes with ease. Thus, these fabulous codes can now be effectively communicated to a global population, making them so hugely popular.

So, get your QR code generator for free today and make your sites mobile friendly.

QR codes are now becoming a necessity for enhanced business development. Make your website mobile aware now through QRSpider.Com.

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