Virgin Mobile Optimus V for Under $100 Is Going to Make Prepaid Even More Popular

ByDave Wontek
I 'm really enjoying the competition between the prepaid phone providers in the US at the moment, it's really is like they are outdoing themselves bring many new smart phones in the spotlight.
One of the phones that has been getting attention is the ZTE Score from Cricket it is a great little Android, which if you're just looking at the packaging seems to be a really good value stating that it has unlimited music and other features. However, if you read the fine details, you will see the unlimited data is actually only 500MB and then after the download is much slower, it doesn't actually state on the boxing how slow the speeds are after the 3G speed data cap is reached.

Straight Talk has brought even more Android phones out that are to be released sometime soon. So the competition is really heating up.
I think the most surprising of all the Androids prepaid phones is the Virgin Mobile LG Optimus V phone that has been released. This is an amazing phone for $99 but the thing that really grabs you about this phone is the fact that you can get it with Unlimited Data & Text +300mins for just $35 a month. So you only get a few minutes right? Who cares?! People are now using data more than calls. If you're going to make heaps of voice calls you could always use Skype!

Prepaid has always been associated with people who are not wealthy, people travelling and kids who want their first phone. The paradigm has sifted more recently with people from all walks of life taking advantage of the fact that there are some great phones out there now.
The question has to be asked, would companies that hand out cell phones to employees benefit from prepaid?
The reason I ask is there is a problem with cell phones given by employers, that don't get returned after job termination.
The most interesting thing that strikes me about prepaid, is how it is not taken up more often with large companies, the reason being that these days people are more likely to chop and change jobs far more often, and you have to wonder if it would help the employer to give them a cheap prepaid phone rather than the expensive contract phones that could and from my experience not get returned after the employee has move on.

So if you read the Virgin Mobile Optimus V Review, you will see that this phone at just $99 is going to be a good choice for a company, as the loss is not that great.