Does iMessage On The iPhone 4S Signify The End Of SMS Messaging?

ByMatthew Bruen

The new iPhone 4S is being released with the brand new version of Apples world famous operating system. This new platform, named iOS5, brings a wealth of benefits for the consumer including the new iMessage application which enables instant messaging between Apple devices. Does the release of platforms such as iOS 5 spell the end for the once popular SMS text message?

The new iMessage system enables the easy exchange of text between devices running the iOS 5 operating system. As well as including the new iPhone 4S this will also apply to the iPhone 4 and the 3GS as well as the iPad tablet devices. The platform also enables photos and videos to be easily transferred between friends. This feature builds on the success established by RIM with their own Blackberry Messenger feature which has become popular across the world. In addition to these services that are provided by phone manufacturers there are also a host of third party applications which also perform a similar function. Facebook have recently launched their own chat facility and the new Google Plus social networking site also incorporates a feature that enables instant messaging. It seems that if you own a smartphone then you have access to such a feature and this is great news to millions of phone users worldwide who can use a WiFi internet connection or a cellular data network to send this type of message with no cost at all. Network providers have acknowledged this fact any many contracts now incorporate unlimited data meaning the user has no restrictions on how often they use such a facility.

So does the rise in popularity of the IM signal the end of the traditional SMS text message? The answer is no, well not for a while yet and this is the reason. Powerful handsets such as the iPhone 4S need to maintain a constant internet connection for systems such as iMessage and Facebook chat to work effectively. Even if you are not currently sending a message the program needs to be running in order to instantly receive the message as well as to tell you who is online and when a friend is typing a reply. To maintain such a connection long term places a tremendous strain on the devices battery life. The modern Lithium-Ion battery cannot cope with such a system being used continuously throughout the day. Technology is always improving and soon we may see a battery capable of giving a reasonable performance even with features such as this running but at present the lack of power means that IM does not signify the death of SMS.

There is no question that systems such as iMessage on the iPhone 4S are the future of text communications but it seems the software is a little ahead of the hardware at this moment in time. Until a battery is developed that can provide lengthy standby times even with an internet connection running in the background then we will still have room on our devices for the humble SMS message.

The iPhone 4S and the Blackberry Bold 9900 are available now

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