The Advent of Mobile Video Technology in Our Lives

ByAbbie Aiden

When cell phones were first introduced they revolutionized the way people communicated and left the old methods of using landlines, telegrams and letters. Slowly and gradually new developments were made in customizing the look and features of mobile phones and thus after sometime they started appearing in more sleek and smart models which were a delight to the eye.

Along with all these developments there were was the introduction of uploading videos to your cell phones as well which given rise to the usage of mobile videos by people. Since the inception of this technology people have not only used them for personal purposes but also share the different mobile videos with their friends which include brief advertisements, song videos or else some funny commercial.

Mobile videos also offer convenience to users who can capture a video at any time something which you cannot do with your handy cam as you cannot carry it around. Today there are several forms of mobile videos such as 3GP, MPEG-4, Flash Lite, RTSP etc. Among these formats the most widely used and offered is the 3GP format.

If you search for mobile videos on the internet today you will be surprised with the huge amount of websites which offer free downloading of videos to upload in your cell phones. Thus we can clearly see the way this trend is quickly expanding over time. Another advantage of cell phone videos is that they can also be incorporated into your vehicles all you have to do is have a screen with a player installed. This innovation has added to the entertainment of people and now most cars come with stock video panels installed in them as well.

In the past when mobile technology was not as advanced as it's now people faced many difficulties such as long loading times, buffering and playback problems. This is one thing which has been looked upon and today all mobile videos which are uploaded on sites or else through the web are encoded in such a way because of which these issues are not present anymore. Therefore people are now able to enjoy watching videos on their cell phones without any interruption.

Truly mobile phones have changed the way we communicate but over time have also become a source of entertainment for us through the introduction of mobile videos and other such creative ideas. Yet this is not the end as the future has other advancement in store where videos are concerned.

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Abbie Aiden

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